The love of reading and writing!

Before I started school I wrote a lot of creative writing pieces. I would have dreams, wake up then write down what I could remember. Throughout the previous summer I finished two books then in the fall I started my third. For me writing was easy I could spend hours sitting at my desk with music on and type away the day. When I was younger I found creative writing class in high school so difficult. I could never came up with a story line; now I can come up with anything on the spot. I found with writing it was a stress reliever; simpler to reading books. When I was younger in my spare time I would have my nose in a book. I would have to finish it within a day or so because I was too eager to get to the end. Growing up my dad read the Harry Potter books to me; I know they’re not your typical bedtime story but I loved them. By the time we finished a book the movie would come out. I’m going to be 100% honest I read the Twilight series as well. My friends and I were totally hooked, and we all went to the premieres of the movies. Now we look back on it and laugh.

Now I write stories for the fun of it, I never thought I would say that!

Thanks for checking in!!


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