This will be my first ever blog post! Welcome everyone, I want to give some information about myself so you can get a sense of who this writing these words of wisdom. I am a Canadian girl in her 20’s who is returning to school for Business Administration. I have had an interesting start to my life. After I finished college I went into a program that I had no idea what I was getting myself into; like many fresh out of high school kids. I went into studies in healthcare, and I knew in a matter of weeks that it wasn’t a life long career for me. I finished my studies and got a job a week after graduation. I started at a level entry care position for children. I truly loved it, and going to work for me was fun. After a few months past I was given a promotion; which was exciting since I was only 19 and getting more money was cool. With this promotion came with many more responsibilities like any other job promotion. I was the youngest employee to be in a leadership role with the company. I was a supervisor of a residence for medically fragile children.  I thrived at the job and being in a leadership role was fun for me. This job had many benefits but also came with challenges. I barely had a social life; I rarely saw my friends and family. It was hard for me.  After being in the new position for a while I started to hate going to work. Coworkers would tell me “get out while you can”; which got me thinking. I knew healthcare was not for me; the hours were too unpredictable and I wanted to do the things my friends were doing. So after long consideration, and many sleepless nights I decided that the best thing for me to do was to go back to school.

The next day I told my boss; we both cried but agreed it was the best course of action for my future (she was pretty cool about it). I moved back into my parents house after living on my own for 3 years, and took some time off.

Of course the time off didn’t last long; I love to work. This brought me to getting a job with American Eagle at the local mall. The work atmosphere is 100% different from my last job; in a good way. Everyone there is around my age, and it’s fun.

After missing out on many activities with my friends and family I have been trying to catch up on lost time. Every weekend my friends want to do something fun, and my family is always doing something together. During this time I went to the Open House at the local college. I thought living at home and driving to school would be the best decision financially. After speaking with the course coordinator for Business Administration I was hooked. It was completely different from my previous career path, and I was excited.

Now here I am! I’m finishing my first semester soon of the program, and I’m loving it. I’m very excited for the future, and what is to come.

If my story has interested you visit again! I came interested in many things from reading to writing. Fashion to going fishing. I am the definition of Jack of all trades!

Thank for stopping by!


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